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Natural Horse Hair

We sell natural undyed horsehair in white, black & Salt & Pepper by the 1/2 hank.

Click here to purchase Horsehair.


Dyed Horse Hair

We offer the best color selection!
We have 21 stock colors and we can do custom colors!
Dyed horse hair is hard to find, and can be very expensive.
We dye our horse hair in house, so we can offer great prices to you.
The process we use to dye our horse hair, locks the color into the hair,
so the colors are vibrant and are water resistant.

We sell horsehair by the 1/2 oz hank,

Custom colors available.

Click here to purchase Horsehair.

Stock Colors Available
Neon Pink
Light Lemon Yellow
Turquoise Blue
Cheyenne Pink
Lemon Yellow
Robin's Egg Blue
Golden Yellow
Sky Blue
Dark Rose
Neon Green
Medium Blue
Light Green
Royal Blue
Dark Red
Christmas Green
Dark Blue
Blue Green
Lavender Purple
Forrest Green
Red Purple
Neon Yellow
Blue Purple

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